These clients feel it!


March 2018

I’m hooked. I didn’t know too much about what Pilates was before I tried it, and after the first class I felt so much better, so much more relaxed, but at the same time I felt like I’d had a workout. Very different from anything I had done before. So for my friends out there who are on the fence, just take one class and see how good you’ll feel.


February 2018

At 74 I was really starting to feel the wear and tear on my body, My knees hurt, my back hurt, I won’t even talk about the watermelon I was carrying in front. After 2 months once a week, my body was able to bend in ways in hadn’t done for years. My balance, which I didn’t think could improve much more after having one balance nerve destroyed by a tumour, is getting better. My belly is going bye bye. I just all around feel one hundred percent more like my younger self. Happier, healthier and the improvement in energy is amazing. I recommend you to all my friends, I love Your place

Kim (physiotherapist)

February 2018

“I worked with Marie throughout my pregnancy and couldn’t have been happier with the way that I felt throughout the whole process. Marie made modifications seamless and the sessions were always just the right level of difficulty. What I was really amazed at was how well and how quickly that I recovered after having a c-section, even with a pre-existing back condition. I accredit that to the Pilates and Marie’s expertise! I am back for more since having my baby and am enjoying all of the new challenges that she come up with.”


November 2017

As a professional dancer and dance teacher I’ve always wanted to try Pilates. I had heard about its origin for rehabilitation, which then evolved into a physical fitness system for athletes and dancers designed to improve breathing, flexibility and core strength.

Upon entering Hayden Fitness one cannot help but notice the enchanting smell of Tea tree oil and lavender, as this fragrance is very clean and relaxing.

I had no idea how extensive and therapeutic the Pilates Tower Reformer can be.

The teachers at Hayden Fitness are all experts and have a vast knowledge of the Pilates Reformer; each teacher offers a unique twist in their own style.

I train with weights 3 times a week and I know by experience that attending Pilate’s reformer classes has helped improve my technique in the gym.

I particularly enjoy the reformer trampoline exercises; it’s great cardio, helps improve my coordination and really keeps my feet and ankles strong.

I appreciate the fact that all the teachers make the student accountable for learning the names and uses of the Tower Reformer apparatus and making sure that after each use the student cleans the Reformer.

You’ll never forget when your next class is. The folks at Hayden Fitness will provide a welcome reminder via email.

Thank you Hayden Fitness, my body loves the results. TKH



February 2017

I have been doing Pilates ( 2 × week) since Feb. 2017. I really enjoy Pilates as I get to work every muscle in the 1 hr class. The class is small so I get to interact with the 2 or 3 other participants. The instructors are excellent. They watch your every move to make sure you always have perfect technique and form. The studio is very clean. The machines and equipment are well maintained. Marie is very organized and keeps everything running smoothly. I have lost weight, toned my body and increased my range of motion which has decreased my joint pain. Pilates has been an excellent investment in my health.


November 2017

Hi ladies if you ever think to do something good for yourself is it this Reformer Pilates. Since I am doing it… I started to walk better, my posture is so much better and that helps with a lot other things and I am focused on breathing. It opens a whole other world for me. Love it.


September 2017

Last April I made a commitment to myself to get healthy. I have some health issues and finding someone/somewhere that was going to fit my needs was not easy, but I found that in Hayden Fitness with Marie! I was excited but very nervous when I started on this journey with Marie as my personal trainer. For me, fitness used to mean pain but not anymore!! Marie knows exactly how to work with me, and I have never felt better! And this month I’m also now doing group Pilates reformer sessions. I’m so excited to continue on this journey as I get healthier every day. Thanks Marie and everyone at Hayden Fitness!


April 2017
OMG the Reformer Pilates at Hayden Fitness are amazing. I have been attending these classes 2 x per week for about four months and the transformation I am feeling and seeing is making me a very happy and motivated lady. As well Marie and her team really take the time to give each on of their clients individual attention  and makes one feel that you really matter. Retired and loving it.  
December 2016
I have been going to Gilian for Pilates for over 5yrs now and can tell you that it has changed my life  I am far more flexible now, my posture has improved and I feel better about myself. Gilian has a great knowledge of anatomy and physiology but even better, she gets to know each client, their physical problems and modifies the exercise to suit each one. It is amazing how she can pick out things your doing wrong and can correct them so quickly.  Pilates is more than just a job to her. I have found her to be genuinely concerned about getting me to the best  that I can be.  She is an encourager,  she is compassionate,  and she makes exercise fun.  What more is there to say. 

Karen Anderson

I have been attending pilate classes with Gilian for over six years.  It has been the only exercise class I have stuck to in my entire life.  Pilates has strengthened and toned my body enabling me to continue the activities 
I love.  Thanks Gilian for your encouragement and patience.
Karen A

Chelsea Baharis

Over the last two years I have enjoyed my time with Marie and all the other wonderful ladies at Hayden. I started after I had a c section with my babes, I had diastasis recti, adrenal fatigue, and had gained around 70 pounds during my pregnancy. Marie was so great, she has been so supportive and such a knowledgable trainer. Now my diastasis is repaired and I’m almost back to pre baby measurements. She makes adjustments based on individual needs even in a group setting, different from any other group fitness I’ve been a part of.  😀 it’s rare to know who runs a gym let alone have that person passionately involved in making your game plan become a reality! I also absolutely love The camaraderie in the group classes, so positive and energetic. it’s a real team at Hayden fitness!


Amy Speer 

March 14 – 19th, 2016 I was on vacation at Secrets resort in Puerto Viallerta, Mexico.  While I was there I participated in a daily Pilates class taught by Marie Hayden of Hayden Fitness.  I hadn’t been able to get back in shape since the birth of my last child 11 years ago.  Maria inspired me to start exercising again and in particular to use Pilates to do so.  She helped me pace myself and relieve some back pain I was having from the plane ride.  Marie is easy to understand and inspires me to do my best.

Thanks Marie!