Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Must share easy recipe creation tonight that was a HIT!!
Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms #Hayden Style
4 Portobello Mushrooms
1 Jar Marinated Artichokes
1 Chopped Onion
2-3 Cups Baby Spinach
4 TBS Sundried Roma Tomatoes
4 TBS Basil Pesto
Remove the stems from the portobello mushrooms and coat the inside of each mushroom with 1 TBS of basil pesto and place in the oven for 5- 10 mins at 350
Saute chopped onion in a tablespoon of grapeseed oil till clear, add add the remaining ingredients(excluding stems use those elsewhere) and place a lid over the veggies to steam. Then remove from heat after spinach is slightly wilted, use an immersion hand held or blender to purify, then place the blended mixture in to each mushroom and return to the over for 5-10mins serve along alongside chicken MMMM goodness!

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