Bliss Pilates at Hayden Fitness Schedule

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6am-6:55amFitlicious Fitlicious Fitlicious
7am-7:55amBeginner Reformer
8:00am-8:55amBoomerlicious Beg ReformerBoomerlicious Intermediate GentleBoomerlicious Beg ReformerBoomerlicious Intermediate GentleBoomerlicious Beg Reformer
8:00am-8:55amBoomerlicious Fit Boomerlicious Fit
9:05-10:00amMommylicious Mommylicious Mommylicious
9:05-10:00amBoomerlicious Int Reformer Tower Reformer Int/Adv Boomerlicious Int Reformer Inter/Adv/TrampBoomerlicious Int Reformer
10:20-11:15amBoomerlcious Fit Boomerlcious Fit Int Tower/Reformer R Boomerlcious Fit
10:20-11:15amBoomerlicious Int Reformer TowerBoomerlicious Restorative Boomerlicious Int Reformer TowerBoomerlicious Int Reformer Tower
11:30am-12:25pmBoomerlcious Pilates MatworkBoomerlcious 55+ Pilates MatworkBoomerlcious Pilates MatworkBoomerlcious 55+ Pilates Matwork
11:30am-12:25pmBeginner ReformerBoomerlicious Intermediate Gentle Tower/Reformer Beginner Reformer Boomerlicious Intermediate Gentle Tower/Reformer
12:30-1:25pm Beginner ReformerBeginner Reformer Int Reformer Beginner ReformerBeginner Reformer
12:30-1:25PMPilates Matwork Pilates Matwork Pilates MatworkPilates Matwork
1:30-2:25 pmInt Reformer Tower COED Int Reformer TowerInt Reformer Tower
2:30-3:25pmMen's Reformer TowerBeginner Reformer TowerMen's Tower/Reformer Beginner Tower Reformer
3:30-4:25pmCoed Int Tower/Reformer 345Beginners ReformerCoed Int Tower/ Reformer 345Beginners Reformer
5:00-5:55pmIntermediate Tower/Reformer Intermediate Tower/Reformer
Preggilicious Pilates
6:00-6:55pmBeginner Tower/Reformer Beginner Tower/Reformer Beginner Tower/ReformerBeginner Tower/Reformer
7:00pm-7:55pmPreggiliciousl Yoga